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Peniel: Seeing The Truth God Abides With Me Do Not Underestimate God
A personal encounter with Jesus is essential for everyone who wants to know God. In John 4, Jesus instead of speaking in parables, obscuring the message from already hardened hearts, Jesus now lifts the veil, albeit gradually, and reveals Himself, giving knowledge of God to an unknown Samaritan woman.
I emigrated from China to Hong Kong, as a student I encountered many difficulties. However amidst the difficulties, God helped me overcome one obstacle after another, deeply strengthening my faith.
Do you know God? Have you experienced God's almightiness? Have you experienced God's love? If you have not, then do not underestimate God! Philosophers of religion debate whether God exists or not. Both sides cannot come to any consensus. Still, God's existence cannot be proved or disproved by debate and has nothing to do with logic.
The Truth Never Changes
"Truth," who wouldn't want to have his or her theories, ideas, speeches, beliefs, inventions, or creations be everlasting truths that never change?
From Idols to Salvation
I am by nature very introspective and religious. At the tender age of ten, I was already asking such questions: Is there a God?
In Him I Trust
King David willingly places his trust in a reliable and faithful God, whose providential care is portayed as the strength, fortress, and stronghold of His people.

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