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Our Church Events
Below are the events for 2018:-
1/13Respect the Elderly Service (Tsuen Wan)
1/20Respect the Elderly Service (Tai Po)
1/21RE Teachers Seminar (Kowloon)
1/26Respect the Elderly Service (Western)
2/3Respect the Elderly Service (Hong Kong)
2/3Evangelical Service (Tai Po)
2/4Marriage Counselling Seminar (Kowloon)
2/16New Year Thanksgiving Service (Hong Kong)
2/16New Year Thanksgiving Service (Tai Po)
2/16New Year Thanksgiving Service (Kowloon)
2/16New Year Thanksgiving Service (Western)
3/11Counsellor Seminar (Kowloon)
3/29 - 4/1Junior Youth Bible Camp (Kowloon)
3/30 - 4/2Media Outreach Training (Hong Kong)
4/6-8Spring Evangelistic Spiritual Convocation (Western)
4/11-15Spring Evangelistic Spiritual Convocation (Hong Kong)
4/19-22Spring Evangelistic Spiritual Convocation (Kowloon)
5/1Combined Evergreen Fellowship Service (Hong Kong)
5/13Gospel Tea Fellowship (Tsuen Wan)
5/26National Youth Fellowship I ()
6/24Cultivation Seminar for Board Members (Kowloon)
6/24HKCB Meeting (Kowloon)
6/30-7/2Music Camp (Hong Kong)
7/7Evangelical Service (Tai Po)
7/7Evangelical Service (Hong Kong)
7/8Book Fair Outreach Workshop ()
7/14 - 18Junior Youth Student Spiritual Convocation (Hong Kong)
7/14Evangelical Service (Tsuen Wan)
7/18-24HK Book Fair ()
7/28 - 8/1Senior Youth Student Spiritual Convocation (Kowloon)
8/12 -8/19R.E. Teachers Training Seminar (Hong Kong)
8/18-25Religious Education Week (Tai Po)
8/27 - 9/1Religious Education Week (Hong Kong)
9/1RE End of Year and Start of Year Service (Hong Kong)
9/1RE End of Year and Start of Year Service (Tsuen Wan)
9/8Evangelical Service (Tsuen Wan)
9/9 or 9/16University Fellowship - Welcome Meeting (Hong Kong)
9/16HKCB Serving Training ()
9/21 - 23National Youth Reflection Meeting ()
9/23RE End of Year and Start of Year Service (Western)
9/28 - 30Autumn Evangelistic Spiritual Convocation (Tai Po)
10/4 - 7Autumn Evangelistic Spiritual Convocation (Kowloon)
10/11 - 14Autumn Evangelistic Spiritual Convocation (Tsuen Wan)
10/17 - 21Autumn Evangelistic Spiritual Convocation (Hong Kong)
Religious Education Week (Tsuen Wan)
National Youth Fellowship 2 ()
11/3Evangelical Service (Tai Po)
11/18Church Day Trip (Hong Kong)
12/9HKCB Meeting (Hong Kong)
12/9Cultivation Seminar for Board Members (Hong Kong)
12/15Evangelical Service (Hong Kong)
12/16Combined Steadfast Fellowship (Kowloon)
12/29Respect the Elderly Service (Kowloon)

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