True Jesus Church

The church, being the "pillar and foundation of the truth," must uphold and proclaim the good news of God's Kingdom in complete accordance with the Scriptures. Today, the True Jesus Church has faithfully proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide and brought many to the Lord. We invite you to study the truth with us and walk with us on the path of salvation. If you wish to look further into a certain topic, feel free to discuss it with our church members or ask for additional literature. May the Lord guide you in your search.


The True Jesus Church was established by the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit in 1917 in Beijing, China. The early workers, having received the Holy Spirit and revelation of the True Gospel, began preaching the truth of salvation from the heart of China. The Holy Spirit worked mightily; signs and miracles confirmed the truth being preached. The lame walked; the blind received sight; the demon-possessed were freed; and even the dead were raised.

The True Jesus Church in Hong Kong was established in 1932. The gospel was first preached to Hong Kong from the South Seas in 1926. Through God's grace and guidance, there are now eight True Jesus Churches in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories.

Within a few decades, the gospel advanced swiftly and covered almost every province of China. The church then expanded to other parts of Asia. Until today, the true gospel has also reached countries in America, Africa, Europe, and Australia.

Our name True Jesus Church

Our name "True Jesus Church" has a profound meaning and stands firmly on Biblical ground. The name best reflects the nature of the church as being the church of the True God and Jesus Christ.


The Lord Jesus commissioned his disciples two major tasks: to proclaim the gospel to every nation (Mark 16:15-16) and to attend to the spiritual needs of all believers in the church (John 21:15-17).

Relying on God's purpose and might, the True Jesus Church aims to accomplish this two-pronged commission. Through constant prayer, we trust that the Holy Spirit will enable us to carry the gospel of salvation to all the corners of the world, so that people of all races will come to accept the Lord Jesus Christ. In preparing for the Lord's second coming, the church also strives to strengthen the faith and uplift the spiritual qualities of her members through continual devotion to prayer, mutual encouragement, and studying the Scriptures. Ultimately, the church as a whole may present herself holy and pure to the Lord.

extracted from True Jesus Church: Our Basic Beliefs & Q and A on the Basic Beliefs.