The Lord’s Compassion on My Family

Jessica Tse (Hong Kong)

In the name of Jesus Christ I testify. Hallelujah, I received baptism at the age of 14. I remember that before I came to believe, I often had nightmares. There was one nightmare that would scare me so much that I woke up.

In the nightmare, I was trapped in a dark, dank place, like a black hole or like the bottom of a staircase. It felt suffocating like I could not breathe. Then I would see a very bright light. I would crawl with all my strength towards that light, trying to get out. But just when I was about to crawl out, another force would push me back into the black hole and I would be so frightened that I woke up. I didn’t know what was happening. At the time I wasn’t yet baptized but I would follow my maternal grandmother to the church every Saturday. I did not understand the Truth and didn’t know how to pray. All I knew was that at church I could sing my favourite hymns. So I didn’t tell my parents about the nightmares and ignored them. I continued to have the same nightmares. It was only after my baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit that these nightmares disappeared.

I remember that when my son was about one year old, he had a very high fever for a week. He was seen by two doctors but his fever did not go down and the doctors could not find the reason for it. At that time, my faith was weaker because I didn’t have as much time to go to church and I didn’t pray regularly. So when my son had his fever, I didn’t think to seek the help of Jesus, I only relied on human efforts instead. I didn’t understand at all about relying on the Lord.

In our family, only my son and myself were baptized so my faith was relatively weak. Later my family members who were non-believers said that perhaps my son had fallen and touched something that brought bad luck, which was why even the doctors could not explain the reason for the fever. They suggested that I should go and ask some soothsayers or carry out some superstitious rituals. I immediately came to my senses. I thought about how the God we worship is the one true God, the God who created the universe and all things in it. He is the guardian of life and death. Who could be greater than God? Why do I need to ask help from anywhere else? I said to my relatives, “Please do not carry out any superstitious rituals. My son has already been baptised. We can only pray to the Lord, we can not take part in any superstitions and offend the Lord.”

Thank God, it was the Sabbath two days later. I took my child back to church and took him to the pre-service prayer where the preacher and deacons laid hands on him during prayer. All the while, I wept before the Lord and repented of my wrongdoing and ignorance. The next day, my son’s fever subsided by the compassion and care of the Lord Jesus. After that incident, I would always pray to God about all matters.

Thank God for choosing us and for protecting and caring for us. We were born with sin and came into this world in sin. We lived in sin and our lives were under the control of the devil before we received the cleansing of the precious blood of Jesus. Both my two children were cleansed by the precious blood of Jesus through baptism in living water soon after birth. Since then, they have received the protection and care of the Lord Jesus Christ and have a part in Him. This enables us to no longer live under the control of the devil but to live in the love of the Lord, by His great power.

May all praise and glory be unto our Heavenly Father. Hallelujah, Amen!