The Way of Salvation

"Am I saved?" This is the single most important question that each of us must face before we end our short and transient days in this world. Maybe you have been living in shame and darkness; maybe you have come to the end of your rope and have no one to turn to. It's time to reach out your hand to Jesus. He is the only Savior who can provide meaning to your life and hope of an everlasting life.

What Is Salvation?

We always hear the word "salvation" from the mouths of professed Christians and evangelists. But, what is salvation? Saved from what?

Webster's dictionary defines "save" as "to rescue or preserve from harm or danger." Applying this definition to the Biblical context, salvation is rescue from the power of Satan and sin leading to eternal punishment in hell. The goal of salvation is for human beings to restore their relationship with God, receive eternal life, and enter the Heavenly Kingdom in the future.

Why Do I Need Salvation?

Here is a common reaction to the subject of sin: "yeah, I do make little mistakes every now and then, but eternal punishment in hell? No way! That's for people who are really evil and commit outrageous crimes, not me."

As far as God is concerned, disobedience to His laws is sin, and the result is eternal death.

Failure to worship and honor the True God who created us is in itself a great sin. Not only so, we are often selfish, dishonest, jealous; and our hearts are filled with hatred, bigotry, greed, and lust. In God's eyes, we sin daily in our speech, in our conduct, and in our thoughts.

The Bible places everyone in the world-old and young, men and women, rich and poor, well-educated and unschooled, past and present -under the category of "sinners": "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23). However virtuous we may think of ourselves, we are actually sinners who deserve punishment for our transgressions. All of us desperately need to be saved from the dreadful end of eternal condemnation.

Who Can Save Me?

No one other than the True God Himself. It is God who prescribes the Law for human beings; so only He has the sovereign authority to condemn and the power to save humankind.

For this reason He came to the world in the flesh as Jesus Christ. He came without sin and lived a holy and blameless life on earth. He not only overcame sin in His lifetime, but conquered sin and death by offering Himself as a perfect sacrifice on the cross for our sins and by the power of His resurrection.

The blood of Jesus Christ, shed on the cross, opens the way back to God for everyone who puts his faith in the Savior. After He ascended to Heaven, the Lord Jesus also poured out the Holy Spirit in the believers so that they may lead a holy life just as He did.

When Can I Be Saved?

Now. Accept the Lord Jesus as your Savior today and submit yourself to His Word while the door of grace is still open. Tomorrow may be too late. Come and visit us or contact us at

extracted from True Jesus Church: Our Basic Beliefs - an Introductory Brochure