The Second Coming of Christ

Jesus Christ once came to this world, lived in obscurity, endured the scorn of His contemporaries, and suffered a shameful death. He was raised to life and taken back to heaven in the presence of His followers. Before leaving this world, He promised that He will come again, but this time, with great might, splendor, and majesty. His coming will be the most dramatic event in human history. He will descend on the clouds, surrounded by His heavenly hosts. Every eye will behold this awesome sight and no one will escape from His presence. Are you ready to meet him?

The Day of the Lord

A day of dread. A day of trembling. A day of vengeance. Who can withstand the wrath of the Lord when He strikes the wicked and condemns the disobedient? People from every nation will mourn for their iniquities and for their rejection of the only Savior.

The Second Coming of Christ will also be a day of exhilaration for all true Christians. It will be the day when they will finally meet the Savior whom they have longed for. It will be the day when Christ will reign with justice. The Lord Jesus will send His angels to gather His loved ones and receive them to the glorious kingdom above. He will bless them with eternal happiness and reward them richly for their labors on earth.

When Will He Come?

No one knows the exact day of the Lord's coming. However, the Bible has foretold of many signs which point to the imminence of this event. Constant wars, famine, earthquakes, rise of anti-Christ, religious persecution, and a steep decline of morality are all clear indications that Christ's return may occur any day now.

The Bible, in both its testaments, is filled with prophesies concerning the approximate time of, and the situations preceding, the Lord's return. These prophesies have drawn the attention of countless Christians who take this matter to heart. Eschatology, the study of the end of the age, can take up volumes and cannot be discussed in detail here. Yet one thing is certain: prophecies in the Bible tell us that the second coming of Christ will surely take place, and it will not be in the distant future.

What Should You Do?

Accept the Savior Now, believe in the Lord Jesus today. Walk on the path of salvation He has prepared. Obey His Word and be watchful through constant prayer. Proclaim the gospel and the coming of God's Kingdom. The Lord has in store for the believers glory and riches that far exceed our imagination. He is coming soon to take us to His heavenly home. All Christians have this wish, and may it also be your sincere wish: "Amen, Come, Lord Jesus" (Revelation 22:20).

Major Events Centering on Christ's Second Coming

 Completion of world evangelism
 Global tribulation
 Final world war - "Armageddon"
 Christ's appearance and descent
 Resurrection of the dead
 Believers taken to meet with Christ
 Universal destruction
 Final judgment
 A new heaven and a new earth

Please note: The exact order and details of these events are uncertain and still require further study.

extracted from True Jesus Church: Our Basic Beliefs - an Introductory Brochure